ATLANTA – This week, Senator Jason Anavitarte (R – Dallas) announced the establishment of a new civic project for the community of Paulding County, Georgia. This project aims to replenish the trees that have been removed from the community and honor Paulding County’s veterans.

The project will plant 25 trees to be located at the intersection of Seven Hills Boulevard and Sugar Mist Drive in the honor of Paulding veterans. This vision was brought forth after Sen. Anavitarte, constituent Cooper Guyon, and County Commissioner Keith Dunn collaborated to find a way to honor local veterans while also beautifying the area.

The project has a completion goal of November 11, 2023, also known as Veterans Day.

“I’d like to thank the Paulding County Board of Commissioners and Artisan Built Communities for honoring our military veterans in Paulding County in such a unique way,” said Sen. Anavitarte. “These efforts will enhance our county and impact future generations for years to come. It’s humbling that we were able to create a public way to respect and honor a deserving group of community heroes. We are thankful to the Paulding County veterans who offered their input throughout the creation of this endeavor and I look forward to seeing this project come to life throughout the coming months.”

“Creating a space of honor and reflection for our veterans is a privilege for our team. The Veterans Park, now taking shape at the entrance to Seven Hills’ amenity complex, stands as a testament to our gratitude,” said Stephen Haines, President of Artisan Built Communities. “We are proud to craft a haven that pays tribute to the sacrifices made by our servicemen and women. This endeavor embodies our commitment to build communities with purpose.”

Paulding County Manager Frank Baker and Commissioner Keith Dunn shared, “What an outstanding project. Paulding County is honored to assist Senator Jason Anavitarte with this important community project which pays tribute to our Veterans.”

“I’m proud to have worked with Senator Anavitarte from day one on this important project,” said Paulding County constituent Cooper Guyon. “It has been so incredible to see how our community leaders, businesses leaders and elected officials all rallied together to make this happen. This small token of gratitude to the veterans in our community only can express an ounce of our gratitude to them.”

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