The Fourth is right around the corner, and its important to remember that when gathering with family and friends around the area for celebrating the nation’s birthday, the first priorities should be safety, but also fun during this summertime holiday.

There’s plenty of things to say about fireworks safety (see below) but for those who aren’t comfortable with the idea of having to handle explosives themselves, there’s options for watching shows locally and around the area as well.

Especially since the weather forecast in recent days could go between hot and sweltering to muggy and rainy.

Temperatures are expected to be up to 90 for the day, and weather forecasters predict a the likelihood for some wet weather during the holiday celebrations and maybe into the night as well. That likelihood as of this posting was at 60%, and with all Georgia weather in mind is likely to shift either way.

With that forecast in mind, the chance to shoot off fireworks could be hot and your shows need to be fueled by water to keep everyone cooled down, or could be soggy and wet and make home-based shows and events around the area a washout.

Georgia State Law requires that those who want to celebrate Independence Day can explode their fireworks between 10 a.m. and 11:59 p.m. on July 3 and July 4. State law does supersede any noise ordinances in effect locally.

After 11:59 p.m. on both nights, it is illegal to shoot off fireworks. Do keep an alarm on your phone to avoid this problem.

Fireworks safety

No one here is trying to be a downer on the nation’s birthday when it comes to enjoying the holiday with roman candles, mortars or the variety of other items that are able to blow up in exciting sparkles and colors, but people need to ensure they understand what they are using.

Here’s some useful reminders before the holiday begins to keep in mind for fireworks safety:

Fireworks are explosives, and should be treated as dangerous at any point while handling. Please do not point fireworks at other people or yourself. Handle with care.

DO NOT CONSUME ALCOHOL AND OTHER SUBSTANCES THEN CHOOSE TO HANDLE FIREWORKS. Let someone be the designated explosives lighter if friends and family choose to imbibe during the holiday.

Additionally, do not let children handle explosive fireworks, and take care when letting them use items like sparklers, which can still cause serious burns if handled improperly.

If you are burned or injured by a firework or sparkler, seek immediate help from medical professionals.

Fireworks can still be dangerous if they get wet or soaked but don’t fire. Do not attempt to relight fireworks. Do not attempt to dry out fireworks to reuse. Also, do not use any fuels to attempt to light fireworks.

Those who have purchased fireworks ahead of the Independence Day holiday should keep them in a dry, cool area away from any potential ignition sources and flammable materials.

Do be considerate of those who might be suffering from PTSD and the impact that fireworks might have on neighbors who are veterans, as well as those with dogs and other pets who may be sensitive to the explosive noises caused by fireworks displays.

Keep pets indoors while neighbors are shooting off fireworks as well.

Displays around the area

Don’t know where to go for July 4 celebrations since Polk doesn’t have anything official? We’ve got a list of some events happening around the area one can enjoy for the Fabulous Fourth:

Also on the 2nd, Hiram’s New Season Church has a Fireworks Spectacular happening from 6 to 9:30 p.m. at the church at 4457 Atlanta Hwy. They’ll have food trucks, inflatables, games, a corn hole and volleyball tournament and a munchkin patch play area for youngsters. The event is free, but food trucks will be selling items.

The City of Dallas has a show going on from 6 p.m. to after dark with a concert prior to the fireworks show. The free event in downtown Dallas features Chuck Martin & The Line Up at 6 p.m. and Tobacco Road band at 8 p.m. The show begins at dark.

Weather potentially could impact this event.

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