Polling locations available to cast ballot ahead of March 12 Primary Day

The Presidential Preference Primary is now underway in Georgia, and polling places opened this morning in three spots in Paulding County where GOP and Democratic voters can go and share their choice for who they want to be nominated for President later this summer.

Polling places are open at the Watson Government Complex and the Dianne Wright Innovation Center throughout the entire three weeks of early voting for the primary, and from March 4 through March 8 a third polling location will open at Burnt Hickory Park.

Early voting at all three location is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday early voting on February 24 and March 2 will also be open at the Watson Government Complex and Dianne Wright Center.

Find the Watson Government Complex at 240 Constitution Blvd., Dallas; The Dianne Wright Innovation Center located at 3236 Atlanta Highway, Dallas; and Burnt Hickory Park at 8650 Cartersville Hwy., Dallas.

Make sure to take a valid state-issued ID to vote in the 2024 Presidential Preference Primary if going in person. Contact the Board of Elections to get an absentee ballot sent to your residence, which must be returned by March 12 to be counted.

This year, the Board of Elections has also noted three new polling places for Paulding County added after redistricting for the 2024 Election. New precinct cards have been ordered and will be delivered to residents ahead of the March 12 vote.

Check back for more on early voting in Paulding as it becomes available.

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