Good news? Paulding County won’t likely get any white stuff. The bad? It’s going to freeze.

Paulding County’s forecast for this week calls for rain on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and temps up to 46 as a front moves through that is bringing snow to other areas around Paulding.

The wintry mix is expected overnight with freezing rain and then early morning, but temps are barely getting above freezing and are expected to dip down to 12 overnight as an arctic blast moves across the Plains, Midwest and down the east coast into the deep south on Tuesday and Wednesday.

A high of 39 is expected midweek and a low of 20 overnight as skies clear and things warm back up before the week closes out.

Look for additional nights below zero and a chilly weekend ahead as well.

Check back for further updates as the forecast potentially changes over the coming hours.

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