A serial bank robber was arrested by Dallas Police on Wednesday after local detective worked with other Metro Atlanta agencies to bring in the Dallas suspect into custody.

Officials from the Dallas Police Department released a statement Friday afternoon that Khyri Brown, 27, of Dallas, after he was accused of robbing banks in the Metro Atlanta area.

During the past few weeks, Brown is alleged to have hit “several banks” in the incidences and detectives figured out it was the same man committing the robberies when various agencies began comparing notes and evidence from the crime scenes. Since banks are federally-insured institutions, the Federal Bureau of Investigation was also notified of the robberies and assisted local authorities in the investigation.

The release noted that Brown is alleged to have possessed or shown a firearm while demanding cash from tellers during the armed robberies.

Once Brown was identified, warrants were taken out for his arrest and he was tracked down into Dallas on Wednesday, November 29. He was taken into custody without incident.

Dallas Police Chief A.J. Duvall said that he was proud of the work his officers and the cooperating agencies for tracking down and taking Brown into custody and taking “this dangerous robber off the streets.”

“Let this be a lesson to other criminals seeking to hide in our city; criminals are not welcome here,” Duvall said in the statement. “We acknowledge and appreciate the dedicated work by all the agencies that collaborated in this capture, including but not limited to the City of Marietta Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.”

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